Interface WorkerOptions

Base Queue options

interface WorkerOptions {
    autorun?: boolean;
    blockingConnection?: boolean;
    concurrency?: number;
    connection: ConnectionOptions;
    drainDelay?: number;
    limiter?: RateLimiterOptions;
    lockDuration?: number;
    lockRenewTime?: number;
    maxStalledCount?: number;
    metrics?: MetricsOptions;
    name?: string;
    prefix?: string;
    removeOnComplete?: KeepJobs;
    removeOnFail?: KeepJobs;
    runRetryDelay?: number;
    settings?: AdvancedOptions;
    skipLockRenewal?: boolean;
    skipStalledCheck?: boolean;
    skipVersionCheck?: boolean;
    stalledInterval?: number;
    useWorkerThreads?: boolean;

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autorun?: boolean

Condition to start processor at instance creation.


blockingConnection?: boolean

Denotes commands should retry indefinitely.

concurrency?: number

Amount of jobs that a single worker is allowed to work on in parallel.

connection: ConnectionOptions

Options for connecting to a Redis instance.

drainDelay?: number

Number of seconds to long poll for jobs when the queue is empty.



Enable rate limiter

lockDuration?: number

Duration of the lock for the job in milliseconds. The lock represents that a worker is processing the job. If the lock is lost, the job will be eventually be picked up by the stalled checker and move back to wait so that another worker can process it again.


lockRenewTime?: number

The time in milliseconds before the lock is automatically renewed.

It is not recommended to modify this value, which is by default set to halv the lockDuration value, which is optimal for most use cases.

maxStalledCount?: number

Amount of times a job can be recovered from a stalled state to the wait state. If this is exceeded, the job is moved to failed.


metrics?: MetricsOptions

Enable collect metrics.

name?: string

Optional worker name. The name will be stored on every job processed by this worker instance, and can be used to monitor which worker is processing or has processed a given job.

prefix?: string

Prefix for all queue keys.

removeOnComplete?: KeepJobs

You can provide an object specifying max age and/or count to keep. Default behavior is to keep the job in the completed set.

removeOnFail?: KeepJobs

You can provide an object specifying max age and/or count to keep. Default behavior is to keep the job in the failed set.

runRetryDelay?: number

This is an internal option that should not be modified.


settings?: AdvancedOptions

More advanced options.

skipLockRenewal?: boolean

Skip lock renewal for this worker. If set to true, the lock will expire after lockDuration and moved back to the wait queue (if the stalled check is not disabled)


skipStalledCheck?: boolean

Skip stalled check for this worker. Note that other workers could still perform stalled checkd and move jobs back to wait for jobs being processed by this worker.


skipVersionCheck?: boolean

Avoid version validation to be greater or equal than v5.0.0.

Default Value

stalledInterval?: number

Number of milliseconds between stallness checks.


useWorkerThreads?: boolean

Use Worker Threads instead of Child Processes. Note: This option can only be used when specifying a file for the processor argument.



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