Class QueueScheduler

This class is just used for some automatic bookkeeping of the queue, such as updating the delay set as well as moving stalled jobs back to the waiting list.

Jobs are checked for stallness once every "visibility window" seconds. Jobs are then marked as candidates for being stalled, in the next check, the candidates are marked as stalled and moved to wait. Workers need to clean the candidate list with the jobs that they are working on, failing to update the list results in the job ending being stalled.

This class requires a dedicated redis connection, and at least one is needed to be running at a given time, otherwise delays, stalled jobs, retries, repeatable jobs, etc, will not work correctly or at all.

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closing: Promise<void>
keys: KeysMap
name: string

The name of the queue.

Options for the queue.

toKey: ((type) => string)

Type declaration

    • (type): string
    • Parameters

      • type: string

      Returns string


  • get redisVersion(): string
  • Returns the version of the Redis instance the client is connected to,

    Returns string


  • Run the scheduler.

    This method will run the scheduler in the background, and will not return until the scheduler is closed.

    If the QueueScheduler was instantiated with autorun: false, then it is not needed to manually call this method.

    Returns Promise<void>

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